Song of Bacchus:
How beautiful our Youth is. That’s always flying by us!
Who’d be happy, let him be so: Nothing’s sure about tomorrow.
Lorenzo de'Medici
(Il Magnifico)

The first floor has a classic style. It is furnished with period furnishings, handpainted by master decorators, and prints and lithographs by artists like Michelangelo Buonarroti, Filippo Brunelleschi and Francesco Hayez.
Here you can read the poems of the greatest poets over the eras up to the late 20th century, the likes of: Lorenzo De’ Medici, Dante Alighieri, William Shakespeare, Giovanni Boccaccio, Cecco Angiolieri, and Francesco Petrarca.

On this floor you will find (included in rate):
•Internet point for our guests
•Lounge ("smoker's room")
•Reference library
•Book exchange library: leave one and take another one of your choice.
•Small, well-equipped kitchen to make hot drinks, like chamomile tea, black tea, coffee and barley coffee and you can eat biscuits, pastries, cereals, honey, jam and chocolate
•Floor refrigerator.
•City map; brochures about exhibitions, events and restaurants in the city.